• Need media contacts?

  • How do I get my music, theatre project, new entertainment, lifestyle and leisure product or service reviewed?

  • How do I get abundant press coverage?

  • How do I get brand and product awareness from the media?

  • How do I contact top reporters, journalists, critics, reviewers, editors and freelance writers with leading magazines and news outlets?

  • Where do I buy European, Australian, Asian and other international media contacts?

  • How do I inexpensively contact top reporters without breaking the bank?

  • How can I own top media contacts?

If these are just a few of the publicity, marketing and branding questions you’ve been asking yourself about how to launch a cheap and easy publicity or media campaign, at a fraction of the cost of an advertising campaign, InternationalMusicPress.com can help.
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If you’re looking to handle your own PR, take the do it yourself public relations and publicity approach to reach the media and top reporters, journalists, critics and editors and help a reporter out by providing interesting content for them to consider covering, you’re going to need accurate, reliable, inexpensive and low cost media contact databases and reporter contact lists (phew, yea, that’s a bit of a run-on sentence, sorry, but we’re on a roll here).
Other companies either charge thousands of dollars for annual database subscriptions, which most start-ups or freelance publicists cannot afford or really need, or they’ll charge hundreds of dollars for media contact lists of 20 to, if you’re lucky, a few hundred media contacts.
Why not just order the media contacts for the industry vertical(s) you need and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the process?
InternationalMusicPress.com specializes in offering extensive, detailed, accurate and massive media contact databases and lists targeting tens of thousands of international Arts and Culture, Entertainment, Leisure, Lifestyle and Music media reporters, critics, journalists, editors, freelancers, reviewers, writers, radio and television broadcast producers and guest bookers at only $49.95 per list. And if you need them, purchase all five databases at only $149.95, saving $99.80!
Forget press release distribution services and newswires. Why pay $369.95 to $1500 just to have another company ‘spray and pray’ your press release when you can own a massive media list of entertainment industry reporters to use at your will? Why spend as much as $700 or more for a list of 400 contacts when you can own tens of thousands of contacts for under $50.00?
No other email database and list provider offers more top contacts than we do at such a low price. At $49.95 for a single database, even if you score only one feature article, product review or interview, you’ve already paid for your investment a thousand times over.
Thank you for the consideration. InternationalMusicPress.com hopes we can be apart of your future growth and success. 

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need media contacts? low cost media lists for sale
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